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Representante: Carolina Corredor.

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E Multicolor is the musical and audiovisual project of one Nicolás Botero, audiovisual artist from Bogotá, in the Pop-Rock-Electronic genre (with lyrics in spanish) by taking prog rock elements and then mixing them with electronic sounds and instruments.


Having published their debut EP "Nada para declarar" and their first full length album "Criaturas", E Multicolor has been part of the colombian rock music scene creating audiovisual experiences in their live shows in which multiple projections, digital graphics and custom made animations are essential in creating a unique artistic enhancement to the music.


March 2020 sees E Multicolor's latest album "Personas inexpertas" released. This time the pop-rock-elctronic band from Bogotá delivers to its audience a collection of dance songs heavily influenced by old time rock hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s, while at the same time performing them along with modern electronic music sounds and elements from the twenty-first century.


We aim to create new music and to show it through our live performances to a new sounds demanding audience.


Welcome to our planet!